Additional Products

Looking for a replacement part for an existing system or need a part on hand to keep you up and running? Just complete the form below and our spare parts department can provide pricing and availability. Not sure what part number you need, you can review our spare parts list for our standard components. Really not sure what you need, take a picture of the item and email it to and our team of experts can determine your needs.

Conical Vibratory Feeders
Commonly seen in the European and Asian markets, conical vibratory feeders provide a clean and simple solution for medical and FDA environments. Paired with our custom designed drive unit, this bowl/drive setup provides a clean solution to most medical applications. Fabricated using virgin material processes these bowls are easy to clean and change-over.
Step Feeders
Step feeders provide another option for part feeding over standard vibratory feeders. Due to their quiet operation and their ease of maintenance, these units can become a preferred option for some applications. Moorfeed step feeders are custom designed for each situation and can be customized with electronic or pneumatic actuation and sized appropriately for part being fed. Not only are step feeders gentle on your parts, they can be outfitted with a range of different options to increase their flexibility.
Flex Feeders
Great for cooperation with robotics, flex feeders provide an economical alternative to conventional parts feeding techniques. The flexibility in feeding small parts of various sizes, shapes, and material allow for fast line changeover and significantly reduced tooling costs. With the ability to be arranged in just about any size, shape, or configuration, flex feeders and exactly as they are described, flexible.
Custom Drive Units
Whether for a 3” bowl, a 54” bowl, or a 7-foot linear shaker, we custom design drive units to retrofit existing systems, replace outdated equipment, or fill the gap with existing suppliers. With over 60+ years’ experience with vibratory feeding equipment we understand the science of good vibrations.


visionVision Systems
There are times when a part cannot be mechanically selected or oriented, parts need to be sorted by color, or inspected before traveling downstream. When these situations arise, vision systems are great accessories to our feed systems. From part inspection, measuring, and detection, to sorting and quality checks, Moorfeed Corporation can incorporate a vision system with about any feed system, providing a seamless, turnkey solution.
Need one or multiple parts separated at a time for robotics, packaging or assembly? We can incorporate several options at the output of our feed systems to adapt to your situation. Everything from a simple cross-shuttle or escape and blow mechanism to complex pick and place movements. Adding movements to the end of our feed systems is something Moorfeed has been doing since the 1960’s, providing a single source for automation integration.