Coatings and Linings

We’ve teamed up with one of the best when it comes to coatings, Keco Engineered Coatings, Inc. is a nationally recognized leader specializing in custom services, such as research and development, prototype and distinct production categories – and is one of 22 licensed DuPont Teflon® industrial applicators (LIAs) in the United States.

We also carry a large assortment of linings which assist in part feeding, reduce noise, or increase the life of the feed system

Whether you are looking for part protection, noise abatement, or bowl longevity, we can recommend the right coating or lining which can be applied to just about every piece of equipment we manufacture.

Coatings Available:

EFEX (Abcite/Surlyn)

  • Typically used to improve bowl longevity this coating has great corrosion resistance as well as a high impact strength and comes in several color options. Commonly used as the cover on golf balls, this coating can greatly increase the life of any feed system and can be combined with other coatings to provide texture.

K-Kote & K-Kote+ (Urethane)

  • This coating has excellent wear properties and is also a great choice for noise abatement. Able to be matched with a textured finish allows this coating to be used for additional grip on heavy and oily parts.

Keco 100 (Teflon®)

  • This dry lubricant coating is used under conditions of moderate abrasion and where nonstick properties contribute to product performance. Great for instances which require release characteristics, this coating is also available in FDA approved coatings (21 CFR 175.300).

Keco 100P (Teflon®)

  • This two-part composite Teflon® coating has excellent release characteristics along with a smooth durable finish and is the best releasing coating offered by Keco. Available in multiple colors, this coating is a great option for many types or rubber parts and is also available in FDA approved coatings (21 CFR 175.300).


  • A heavy duty coating which is called upon to resist tearing, chipping, grinding, and pounding, it is great for heavy or abrasive parts while also providing excellent noise reduction. Widely used all over the world in vibratory feeders, this fairly smooth coating comes in several color options.

Keco 600SS

  • Need extra wear protection for your feed system, this stainless steel wire applied coating does just that, along with adding texture and grip for medium weight or oily parts. Perfect for smaller parts that need grip but can withstand light scratches.

Keco 600TC

  • A plasma sprayed coating which contains Tungsten Carbide Cobalt for excellent wear properties, this is the Top-of-the-line wear coating provided by Keco. With a medium smooth surface, this coating provides good wear protection with a minimal chance of part marring.

Keco 800

  • A PFA/PTFE blend with outstanding durability and similar properties to Keco 100P along with being electro-conductive, this coating is great for soft rubber parts as well as parts with a combination of rubber with plastic or other materials. Effective at eliminating static charge build-up, this is often a more economical option over expensive Ionizers.

Line-X® Coating

  • Often used for coating truck beds, this lining provides good sound abatement at a reasonable price. This coating is also an effective way to protect large or metal parts as they are introduced into the feed system.

Cut to Fit Linings Available:

PolyBrush ™

  • A direct replacement for 3M’s Green Brushlon, PolyBrush is a new approach on an old product. Using additive manufacturing, PolyBrush is a single part product comprised of 30% bio-based materials. Similar to Brushlon, the bristles are arranged in a directional angle to assist in part feeding and protection and similar to Brushlon, helps with bowl longevity and sound suppression. Moorfeed’s partnership with the manufacturer of PolyBrush has allowed us to perform preliminary testing and provide feedback to allow for future improvements to the product. Contact us today for more information and pricing.


  • A staple in parts handling, UHMW can be used in unison with coatings and linings and provide a replaceable barrier between the part and the feed system.

Red Sheet Urethane

  • Resistant to chipping, grinding, tearing, and pounding, this is the ultimate lining for large heavy parts or parts with sharp burrs and edges. With the ability to wear like steel, this lining keeps bowls running longer, plus has the capability to be re-lined quicker and less expensive than buying a replacement bowl.

In an ever changing world, we are constantly trying new coatings and linings to coincide with our parts feeding systems. Working with Keco Coatings allows us to R&D a coating to ensure it will work for your application, rest assured your systems isn’t the Guinea pig.

Have an existing system with a coating that needs rejuvenated or replaced? Contact us about our SPEEDY-COAT process. The Keco/Moorfeed partnership allows us to expedite these coatings without the “expedited” fee, with most re-coats turned around in less than two weeks, keeping you and your equipment running.