Whether it is the smallest rivet or a seven inch long bolt, Moorfeed standard fasteners feeder systems are fabricated with a common simple design that allows for various lengths and diameters of fasteners to be fed in a common bowl with minimal change-over.


With several options, Moorfeed has the capabilities to not only fabricate to your specifications, but also to meet your budget with our standard specifications options.

  • Passivation with certification
  • Electropolishing
  • 304, 316 & 316L Stainless Steel Fabrication
  • Tab mount options
  • Drive unit shrouding
  • Quick change-over tooling


Moorfeed has been an integral part of the automotive industry feeding everything from wheel lugs and spark plug boots to seat components and pinion rings and bearings.

Consumer Products

You probably cannot go a single day without running into some everyday object that has been fed in a Moorfeed feed system. From the razor’s you shave with, the pen you write with, or even the candy bar you have for a snack, Moorfeed feed systems feed the world.


Well versed in the handling and feeding of explosive and dangerous materials, Moorfeed can handle any of your ammunition or ordnance needs Including primers, casings and projectiles, including lead slugs.


Everything from the smallest computer connectors up to shampoo bottle caps. Moorfeed has the experience to orient, sort, and feed the most complicated of parts at the rate you need.