The Moorfeed Difference

We know there are several options available when it comes to deciding your vibratory feeder provider, however, many times, not enough effort and focus is placed on choosing the right company for your project. Although a feed system may be a small portion of a much larger unit, it can ultimately make that larger system useless if it does not receive the quantity of parts it needs with the proper orientation.

Our People

Moorfeed Corporation employees some of the highest skilled fabricators in the industry with an average experience of 30+ years, we have the knowhow and the skills to support your most difficult parts feeding project.

Our engineering staff averages 35+ years of industry experience and utilizes the latest technology when it comes to mechanical and electrical design. We design each system utilizing 3D modeling technology to ensure each manufactured components fits and functions the way it should. With design based manufacturing methods, our customers can rest assure the design they approve is what the final system will look like.

Each one of our customers is special and unique, with different requirements, specifications, and needs. Our sales department focuses on filling our customer’s needs. Anyone can provide you with a quote, but we would rather focus on building a relationship with our customers and that doesn’t end once an order is placed, it continues through the entire projects process as our top priority is our customers, no matter how big or small.

Our Services

Moorfeed service technicians are the same people who fabricate the feed systems, this allows our technicians to quickly determine the cause of your problem and repair it in a timely manner. With full time service technicians on call, Moorfeed Corporation is there to help, no matter what the situation.

Not only do we service our equipment, but we have the expertise to service and support competitive equipment as well. Beyond our standard equipment services, we also can provide training and instruction to your maintenance team to keep your equipment up and running and keep costs down.

Our Products

Moorfeed’s name has always been synonymous with quality and heavy duty equipment and we have continued this trend with the designs of our centrifugal feeders, table and frameworks, elevators, bulks storage and our vibratory feeders. Our standard specifications have been molded from years of experience on the correct way to fabricate parts feed systems. Each of our standard products have been designed, field tested, and improved upon over the years to ensure our systems continue to produce at its optimal performance for years to come.

Beyond building heavy duty equipment, is our focus on quality. By not cutting corners and inspecting the feed systems during each step of the fabrication process we are providing our customers a greater peace of mind and assurance that our feed system will provide parts on time in the proper orientation.